More About Our Program
Christian Discipleship and Service Opportunities:

Because of our Christian faith, MSR offers Christian discipleship study groups to help those children interested, grow in the Christian faith. There is no obligation for children to attend these groups and they are on a completely voluntary basis. There is no charge for participation in these study groups and they are currently conducted offsite, after normal business hours, throughout the year.

In addition, we provide local Christian churches a place to participate in community service outreach. A significant role of the Christian church is service and we want to empower local churches by giving them an opportunity to do just that, serve. Through work on the ranch such as maintenance, assisting with administrative duties, or volunteering as a leader for any one of the many children’s activities they are able to further the goals of MSR and live out their faith at the same time.
The Vegetable Garden:

Many of the children that come to MSR are from low-income families. To help these families we provide a large, year-round, vegetable garden in which the children can learn to plant, grow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to allowing the children to participate in an activity that builds confidence and instills a good work ethic, their families can obtain fresh fruit and vegetables for their households. Some of these fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested and taken to local food programs that feed the area’s homeless. The children also participate in this activity, teaching them to care for and be concerned about people that are less fortunate than themselves.

An additional component of the vegetable garden is growing heirloom tomato plants and selling the plants to the public as one of our most popular fundraisers. All monies raised from the sales of the tomato plants are used to further the purposes of the youth programs at the ranch.
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