Tomato Time Annual Fundraiser
Since 2002, the founders of MSR have been organically growing heirloom tomato plants to raise funds to support various youth programs at their home church, Crossroads Grace Community Church. Since MSR was founded in 2010, all funds have been used to support the many youth programs at MSR, as well as provide scholarships for high school students to attend Hume Lake Christian Summer Camp.

Each year our variety list grows. We commonly have more than ninety varieties of tomato plants and twenty to thirty varieties of pepper plants. We have also expanded to sell eggplant plants as well. The varieties for the upcoming year are posted here each February. Plants can be purchased in advance by using the special order form on the website, or at the roadside stand at 4013 Beckwith Rd. in Modesto, from early March until mid June. Annually we grow and sell more than 3000 plants. While that may not seem like much, consider that every seed is planted and every transplant done by hand, one at a time, by our volunteers!

The tomato plants offered for sale come directly from the MSR test garden seed bank. We hope your exposure to heirlooms will inspire you to try and grow some plants of your own. Nothing on the market beats an heirloom!
For Information on how the 2012 varieties faired, click the image above to read the 2012 test garden notes.
For Information on how last years varieties faired, click the image above to read the 2013 test garden notes.
Ready to see this years list of available Tomato, pepper and eggplant plant varieties that are for sale? Click the image to the left to open our special order form!
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